Report Customisation
We can create custom reports from your existing MYOB or Ostendo databases.

Yearly/Quarterly Budget (Accrual)
We help you to set up your budgets for the coming year or quarter.

Cash Flow Budget/Report
The purpose of this budget/report is to give your company a clearer picture where your cash is going each month. The cash flow budget can also calculate the amount of cash your business needs to maintain your cash flow position. The cash flow report reconciles to the bank statement at the end each month.

Business Data Analysis
Data analysis to measure your business performance. We gather sales figures and financial figures and analyse data using financial ratios and different comparison to measure your business performance and to help you improve your business position

Business Process Optimisation 
We analyse your business processes and identify gaps and bottlenecks and give recommendations on how to redesign the business process to improve your capacity and productivity.

Design and Maintain Access Database

We can create databases to capture information and generate reports for daily operations. or to your specifications

Strategic Business Planning

We can prepare strategic business planning for your business and help you implement it.

Inventory Control (Just in Time Systems)

We can set up and calculate Just in Time (JIT) Systems to control the movement of materials and parts and to minimize waste of materials, time, labour and overheads in your business.