Ostendo and Project/Job Management

Ostendo controls your jobs and your projects at a task level by resource right from your quote to the point of manufacturing completion through to site installation and commissioning. Your outworkers and contractors are scheduled on the job planning board and their costs are tracked through purchasing and timesheets directly against the job in question. All costs can be captured and the actual job costing is compared against the original budgeted estimate on a real time basis. Learn more from others about the options available to you in Ostendo to help you gain more work and make it at a profit.

Ostendo helps manage jobs and projects:

Do you use spreadsheets to work out your job costs? Or maybe you work on a “gut feel” that your margins are OK? Ostendo tracks costs to jobs accurately and easily, including labour and materials.

Are you concerned that your staff are doing client related work that isn’t being billed on to your clients?  Ostendo make sure labour and materials usage are tracked, and easily identifies any work not charged on.  Fully track your work in progress.

Are you using separate software to work out your quoting?  Use Ostendo to calculate costings on estimates/quotes ( including complexities of item volume, length, width, depth, pack size)

See your planned costs and margins vs actual costs and margins. Choose to do the profitable jobs and leave the others to your competitors.

Not sure how a project is going in relation to the original budget?  Ostendo identifies the overall performance on a project. Check how much the project has been budgeted to cost and earn, check how much has been ordered to date and how much has been invoiced and billed.  Easily monitor the status of the project overall.

Need manage your jobs and staff more efficiently?  Job templates enable you to set up standard tasks that will be performed in a particular job.  Jobs and tasks can be booked into a calendar and allocated to individual staff members or other resources.   Drop and drag functionality allows easy reallocation of tasks and times.

Do you have to keep spreadsheets of your retenetions?  Or forget to claim your retentions when they are due?  Ostendo keeps control of retentions and easily shows you which retentions are due and when.

Interested in improving the management of your jobs?

Ostendo Job Management