Ostendo & Manufacturing


Ostendo can help manufacturers by:

Are you holding the wrong stock levels?  Are you missing components that are required to get your orders out in time?  Ostendo’s Replenishment Ordering allows you to easily see what stock has fallen below the minimum holding, what sales orders require filling and what purchase orders are due.   ASSEMBLY ORDERS can be created from the replenishment process. Reduce the amount of stock holding you have to keep on hand and free up your company’s cash flow.  And avoid running out of key stock required to complete your assembly process.

Assembly Orders – in Ostendo, you can view the outstanding assembly orders, enabling you to identify overdue orders and identify where the bottlenecks are in the manufacturing process.  Bills of materials (templates for standard assemblies) enable assembly orders to be raised with little manual input.  Custom products can also be handled through a question and answer script which builds an assembly order based on the specifics of the sales order.  Assembly  for Made-to-Stock and Made-to-Order both catered for.

Information – Ostendo allows you to track each employee’s labour costs and overheads, cost and track scrap, account for set up and run costs  and incorporate the cost of all raw material costs…you can easily identify the amount of planned and actual cost on an individual assembly order or on a group of assembly orders.  Track your Work In Progress.

Inventory control – the actual raw materials used in manufacturing process can be tracked, finished products are booked into stock, co-products, by-products and wastage is accounted for…Ostendo’s inventory can be tracked by batches, by serial no, by color, by dimension, by expiry date, by location.

More accuracy in capturing costs on raw materials come through the use of features such as automatic allocation of landed costings on delivered stock.

Management of assembly process – in Ostendo, bills of materials can be set up with routing steps, allocation to resources (such as machines or employees or workstation) for each step and detailed line instructions.  Batches of assorted sizes can be dealt with too.  Assembly order print outs are a full set of instructions for making the product from beginning to end and can include additional documents and images.  Optimize your resources through better management.

Assembly or Manufacturing Process