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Use Ostendo to manage your entire operations and get insightful analysis of your business. Its strengths are in inventory control, manufacturing, job and project management and service businesses. Also, Ostendo has a mobility addon. It therefore enables people to capture essential data at the work site. Ostendo complements your accounting system – MYOB, Xero, or Quickbooks Online.

About Ostendo Consultants

We have been accredited Ostendo consultants for over 12 years and have helped hundreds of clients.  Our main client focus has been in manufacturing and job/service based businesses.  We are based in Melbourne, but we have clients across Australia and overseas.

Our team has unique strengths to bring to any project.  We have:

  • an accredited trainer who is also a qualified accountant.
  • an in-house developer who can customize and integrate with other systems
  • a good amount of IT expertise
  • decades of experience working with businesses
  • custom reporting capability including Microsoft PowerBI
  • knowledge of many other systems
  • Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks Online expertise

Our Services

Ostendo Operation - ERP Solutions
ERP Solutions

Ostendo is a powerful and affordable ERP solution. It is designed to manage your entire operations. Integrate your current accounting program to Ostendo for full business management. The flexibility of Ostendo allows it to be used with increasing depth and breadth as your business grows.

Ostendo’s core functions include:

  • manufacturing (click here if you want information on grants available)
  • inventory including multi-site
  • job and projects
  • sales including deliveries
  • Point of Sale
  • CRM
  • purchasing including foreign currency

For complete features of Ostendo, please download the following file

Ostendo Freeway App for Mobility
Mobile ERP

Ostendo Mobility installs on smart phones and tablets. Users can enter and access data at their work site. Therefore data is recorded in REAL time. So it gets rid of double handling of transactions. And it increases business efficiency. 

Examples of use of Ostendo Mobility:

It enables workers to:

  • see their tasks
  • record their times
  • record materials used
  • capture client signatures
  • record photos and notes of work done
  • and much more

Freeway can also be used for barcode capture with:

  • bringing goods into stock
  • picking sales orders
  • recording stock counts
  • stock transfers
  • stock re-ordering

And salespeople on the road can:

  • enter sales orders
  • send invoices
  • access and update client details

    For more information on Ostendo mobility, please download the following file
Ostendo Reports Customisation
Custom Reporting

Powerful reporting – Ostendo comes with a large number of reports. And custom reports can be developed too. So if the data is in Ostendo, we can report on it.

Use of additional fields and tables means that other data can be captured and included in reports. 

Also, Microsoft PowerBI links with Ostendo.  It provides excellent graphical and drill down reporting.

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