Ostendo and Sales/Distribution

Common problems with sales and distribution relate to the ability to deal with the intricacies of stock.

Ostendo enables businesses to track stock in many ways:

Make sure you give the right prices to your clients.  Ostendo provides multiple levels of pricing per customer, per product, with unlimited quantity breaks.

Ensure your suppliers provide the quoted cost prices.  Ostendo allows you to capture specific item costs per supplier for unlimited quantity breaks of stock.

Track complexities of inventory for example, track by serial nos, batch no, revision no, grade, colour, size, expiry date

Are you having trouble getting your stock holding levels right?  In Ostendo, specify minimum and maximum stock levels, lead times, economic reorder quantities.  See what stock is required and when in order to fulfil sale and job orders .  See what stock is coming in and when from purchase and assembly orders.  Easily manage your stock levels with the bonus  of  simplified ordering of stockfrom your suppliers.

You don’t know where your stock is?  In Ostendo, stock is tracked by warehouses and locations such as shelves/bins.

Are you using spreadsheets to track your warranties?  Ostendo allows you to create multiple types of warranties, automatically tracks warrantied stock and expiry of warranty dates.

When stock arrives, it takes you ages to work out which customer orders should be filled?  A simple routine in Ostendo allows you to see which sales orders can be filled from the stock on hand – so as stock arrives, you can manage the distribution of the stock to outstanding sales orders.   And you can nominate on what basis the orders are prioritised.

Are you using a separate point of sale?  Ostendo has integrated Point of Sale which also allows for workshop environments and deliveries to customers.

Are you manually working out your landed costings?  Or worse still, not allocating transport to your stock costs and so have no clear idea of your stock marigns?  Ostendo has automatic allocation of landed costings. You can easily allocate the shipping costs of bringing stock to your warehouse to the stock, enabling true stock costs and accurate margins to be calculated.

Do you buy and sell in different stock units, and have to manually calculate your selling prices for different types of units?  Ostendo provides for buying and selling in a multitude of different units of stock but still calculates your stock on hand correctly – so you can buy in, stock and sell for each stock line in units, in square metres, in boxes, in pallets – Ostendo can track it all.  And apply different discounts for different units.

Interested in improving your stock management?

Ostendo Sales and Distribution