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Ostendo is a powerful affordable ERP solution designed to manage your entire operations, from simple to complex business workflows.  It integrates with your accounting software, so you can keep using the accounting system that you are used to, while managing your business with a system that gives the same functionality as  enjoyed by big enterprise.  The flexibility of Ostendo allows it to be used with increasing depth and breadth as your business grows.

The core functions of Ostendo cover manufacturing (click here if you want information on grants available), complex inventory, job and projects,sales including deliveries and Point of Sale, service, CRM and purchasing.

The team at Ostendo Consultants have been working with Australian businesses for over a decade, implementing, training, consulting and customising Ostendo to improve client processes and efficiency.  We are dedicated Ostendo consultants, ensuring that you have our expertise in this product at your disposal. 

For complete features of Ostendo, please download the following file

Mobile ERP

Ostendo Mobility/ freeway is an app that installs on smart phones and tablets to manage remote users of Ostendo, to reduce double handling of recording and increase business efficiency. It enables workers to see what jobs have been allocated to them, to record the details of the onsite work such as time spent, materials used, client signature capture, warn about hazards onsite, capture photos and notes of work done.

Freeway can also be used for barcode capture for receipting goods into stock, for picking sales orders and recording stock counts.   Salespeople on the road can also enter sales orders and up date CRM with client visit details.

Download Ostendo Mobility/Freeway features

Custom Reporting

Powerful reporting – Ostendo comes with a built in report writer, that allows custom reports to be developed.  If the data is in Ostendo, it can be reported on.  And because we can tap into unlimited additional fields and additional tables,other data can be captured and included in the report.  For more graphical reporting and drill downs, Microsoft PowerBI can integrate with Ostendo and produce real-time information for business. 


  • Manufacturers and Custom Build Manufacturers

  • Engineering, Fabrication and Sheetmetal Job Shops
  • Contracting, Trades, Construction and Projects

  • Sales, Installs, Service and Repairs

  • Preventive Service Maintenance

  • Wholesalers and Distributors

  • Importers and Exporters
  • Retailers


Clients come to Ostendo because their businesses face problems that need solving and they don’t want to spend a fortune on the solutions. Some typical problems are:

  • Businesses that manufacture or do job based work, and don’t know their true costs  and cannot tell how profitable individual lines and jobs are, and where  and why cost blow-outs occur.
  • Organising custom manufacture, where each version of a product produced is different.
  • Managing stock real-time, with all the complexities of batch and serial control, multiple units of measure, complicated pricing arrangements, assembly and disassembly, multiple sites and multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Knowing what stage a client job or assembly is at.
  • Problems organizing staff and machinery, so that resources are fully utilized and time tracking used and costed.
  • Being able to access real-time and life-time information about all aspects of their operations
  • Under stocking, overstocking, running out of critical elements, time consuming purchase ordering based on manual spreadsheets

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